getting mp3 sound working w/ Gnash easily

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Fri Feb 27 07:49:02 EST 2009

S Page wrote:
> However, FWIW I just purchased the Fluendo MP3 decoder for $0 and 
> installation on 8.2 on my XO was pretty straightforward if you're 
> moderately familiar with the command line.  Now I can play .mp3 files in 
> Browse and Totem and _some_ Flash animations have sound in Gnash 
> (<>)
> If anyone gets a FOSS MP3 codec installed and working, the place to 
> document it is .

The Fluendo MP3 decoder _is_ FOSS, or at least it is as nearly Free as any
implementation of MP3 can be, given the patent problem.  The source-code
is MIT licensed.  Additionally, downloading the binary conveys a patent
license upon you, and upon anyone else to whom you distribute the binary.
 However, the binary itself is not quite Free.  For example, you cannot
distribute the binary codec linked into a GPL binary, because the patent
protections do not extend to derived works or modified forms.

Anyway, source tarball at


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