getting mp3 sound working w/ Gnash easily

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Fri Feb 27 07:30:38 EST 2009

A long time ago Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> Can we make step-by-step instructions getting mp3 sound
> working with Gnash an urgent priority? An instruction for dummies, if
> you will.

I haven't tried the complicated codec installation instructions in for 8.2.0.

However, FWIW I just purchased the Fluendo MP3 decoder for $0 and 
installation on 8.2 on my XO was pretty straightforward if you're 
moderately familiar with the command line.  Now I can play .mp3 files in 
Browse and Totem and _some_ Flash animations have sound in Gnash 

Playing an MP3 from a USB flash drive, Browse/totem/gst all stop playing 
for several seconds every 30 seconds or so.  I'm not sure why.

I updated with my 
instructions to install the codec and modify Browse's mimetypes.  An 
expert can attempt rewriting them for dummies ;-) .

If anyone gets a FOSS MP3 codec installed and working, the place to 
document it is .

=S Page

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