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Is the club itself the activity? In which case you'd be continually
sharing as long as you were at the club?


2009/2/16 Jorge Saldivar <jorgesaldivar at gmail.com>:
> Thanks Benjamin for the answer.
> Now I understand many things that previously were not clear to me.
> Excuse continue bothering you.
> I am going to explain a little bit more.
> I am doing an activity which are a club with many board games each one in
> different rooms of the club. The idea is that you can enter in room and play
> the game through the mesh with a friend that is in the same room and when
> the game end without close de activity stop sharing the game.
> How can I do that??.
> Now I use on the both side the leave method from the activity object of the
> presence service to tell presence service leave the shared activity but when
> I call the method get_activites of the presence service to know if the
> activity stop sharing it return that the activity is still there in the
> mesh.
> This is why I believe that the procedure to stop share an activity is noy
> simply use the leave method from the activity object of the presence
> service.
> I hope you can help me.
> Thanks!.
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> Jorge Saldivar
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