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Jorge Saldivar jorgesaldivar at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:06:24 EST 2009

Hi Walter,

Is the club itself the activity?

Yes, the club is the activity. The club has several mini games in this case
board games.

> In which case you'd be continually
> sharing as long as you were at the club?

When you start the activity it set up private, but when you enter in room
(of the club) to play a mini game it share in the neighborhood waiting for
some how wants to play that mini game in that room. After finish the mini
game the two players leave the room of club (not stop the club activity) and
the mini game should be stop sharing because they finish their mini game and
the two player return to the corridors of the club and they are free to
enter in another room to start another mini game.

Answer you question?


Jorge Saldivar
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