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Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 16 16:46:30 EST 2009

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Jorge Saldivar wrote:
> Thanks Bert!
>> But, even if you initiated the sharing, you can leave the shared activity.
>> After an activity has been shared, all participants are equal.
> I know that I you join a shared activity you can leave it, calling the leave
> method but what happend if i share the activity???, how can I unshare it??,
> or close the connection??, or some thing link that??.

This is the problem with your understanding.  A shared activity is
_initiated_ by one user, but this user does not _own_ the shared activity.
 The user who initially shared the activity can turn off his computer, and
the other users can still continue to share with each other.  You can see
this with the Chat activity, for example.

Sharing can only continue without the initiator if the sharing code for a
specific activity supports it.  If you are writing an activity, you must
figure out how to handle the case where the initiator leaves.  If you
cannot support continued sharing after that point, then you may wish to
notify the user that the instance is no longer shared.  However, it is
better to design your networking code so that sharing can continue.

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