Guidance sought on collaboration techniques

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Mon Feb 16 12:21:03 EST 2009


This weekend I tried to get my two computers running Fedora 10 with the 
Sugar RPMs to share with one another, with no luck.  Back when I was 
using Xubuntu there was a collabora server that the Xubuntu RPMs had 
installed by default, and I was able to set up my XO to use it using a 
command line something like this:

sugar-control-panel -s jabber

When I try to do that now I get a python stack trace (if that's the 
right word) and I still get an empty neighborhood view..

I was lead to believe a few months ago that two instances of Sugar on 
the same network would find each other and be able to share even without 
a jabber server between them.  I couldn't get that to work then and it 
doesn't work now.

In any case, I have two machines running Fedora 10 and I want them to be 
able to collaborate.  I should be able to run multiple instances of 
Sugar on one of these machines as well.  I don't have my own jabber 
server.  How would you suggest I set up a test environment for 

Thanks again,

James Simmons

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> Hey James,
> FYI here is the collaboration code in Colors!
> It's fairly well commented but let me know if you have any questions 
> about how it works, or what you should do differently in Read Etexts.

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