right pilgrim setup for 8.2.1 staging builds

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Feb 8 11:17:40 EST 2009

On 08.02.2009, at 10:49, Ties Stuij wrote:

> Hey dear list,
> we need to base a release on the latest 8.2.1 changes here in Nepal,
> however I can't find a public pilgrim repo that is actually configured
> right.
> I found the 8.2.1 pilgrim branch, who's only significant change is
> that one yum repo is changed to an alledged 8.2.1 repo, and I hoped
> this was all that was needed to get an up-to-date image ready.
> However, images built with this pilgrim, are no different from 8.2. It
> gets exactly the same packages.
> So did I choose the wrong branch, or is there a secret pilgrim-setup
> somewhere, with which the 8.2.1 staging images on xs-dev.l.o are
> built?
> I would really, really appreciate it if somebody can point me to the
> right setup!

"staging" builds != "8.2.1" builds


- Bert -

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