Please update etoys in 8.2.1

Samuel Klein sj at
Fri Feb 6 04:02:38 EST 2009

I would like to see a java update.

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 3:25 AM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
>>so after the 8.2.1 release the plan is to just switch to standard Linux
> Speaking entirely as a volunteer: the answer depends on who you ask.
> Since I think that 8.2.0 wasn't half bad, I'm currently trying to persuade
> people who feel similarly to work with me to assemble an 8.2.2 with some useful
> bugfixes and software updates, because I think that
>   a) it's the right thing to do
>   b) it will complement various upstream efforts (both in Fedora, Sugar Labs,
>      and the wider FOSS community at large) by helping to concentrate
>      deployment-specific testing effort on the most relevant parts of
>      their work
>   c) that it's important to deliver a product which directly meets the needs of
>      existing deployments even when those needs don't precisely match the needs
>      and goals of the larger upstream communities.
> Does this help clarify the situation?
> Michael
> P.S. - My current ideal list of changes would include:
>   * fix the memory stability issue
>   * ship the new gabble w/ support for out-of-band stream tubes
>   * ship the latest gnash
> and I'd be very happy to discuss shipping various sugar or platform updates as
> well; e.g. java.
> What do you want to see in a new release?
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