Please update etoys in 8.2.1

david at david at
Fri Feb 6 05:13:00 EST 2009

On Fri, 6 Feb 2009, Michael Stone wrote:

>> so after the 8.2.1 release the plan is to just switch to standard Linux 
>> distros?
> Speaking entirely as a volunteer: the answer depends on who you ask.

sorry if I seem like a pest, and I definantly do appriciate the volunteers 
here, but what I am trying to understand here are the plans of the olpc 
orginiztion itself. it's one thing to transition the maintinance of the 
Sugar UI to an outside orginization, it's something very different to 
switch from Sugar the distro (or whatever you want to call it if not 
Sugar) to Fedora with the Sugar UI running in it.

among other things, this would signal the end of the rainbow security 
approach in favor of standard linux (or possibly SElinux) security.

It would end the dual image 'hit a button to boot the last image' approach 
as standard distros don't do that. and probably several other things.

I'm not even saying it's the wrong thing to do. I'm just trying to 
understand what the plan is.

In many ways, switching the XO laptop from using one special distro to 
being able to select which of several different distros you want 
pre-loaded on the machine would be a very good thing. but it is a very 
significant step.

David Lang

> Since I think that 8.2.0 wasn't half bad, I'm currently trying to persuade
> people who feel similarly to work with me to assemble an 8.2.2 with some 
> useful
> bugfixes and software updates, because I think that
>  a) it's the right thing to do
>  b) it will complement various upstream efforts (both in Fedora, Sugar Labs,
>     and the wider FOSS community at large) by helping to concentrate
>     deployment-specific testing effort on the most relevant parts of
>     their work
>  c) that it's important to deliver a product which directly meets the needs 
> of
>     existing deployments even when those needs don't precisely match the 
> needs
>     and goals of the larger upstream communities.
> Does this help clarify the situation?
> Michael
> P.S. - My current ideal list of changes would include:
>  * fix the memory stability issue
>  * ship the new gabble w/ support for out-of-band stream tubes
>  * ship the latest gnash
> and I'd be very happy to discuss shipping various sugar or platform updates 
> as
> well; e.g. java.
> What do you want to see in a new release?

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