Is it possible to disable "sharing" for an Activity?

Wade Brainerd wadetb at
Mon Feb 2 18:21:48 EST 2009

There might be something in the Sugar Almanac, see for a link.

Alternately, an example of how to disable sharing is here:

Note to Sugar toolkit guys, I'd love to have a formal API to indicate
"collaboration not supported".


On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 6:10 PM, James Simmons <jim.simmons at>wrote:

> First, I want to praise whoever put together the Sugar packages for
> Fedora 10.  After struggling with Xubuntu and with sugar-jhbuild on
> openSUSE I finally have a sugar test environment where everything seems
> to work!  It was well worth wiping out my openSUSE install and starting
> over with a new distribution.  I'll probably do the same to my Xubuntu
> box eventually.
> Second, now that I have this I want to perfect collaboration on my two
> Activities, Read Etexts and View Slides.  Unfortunately, I am convinced
> that collaboration in View Slides that involves sending large Zip
> archives over the network is not and never will be practical.  What I'm
> thinking about now is making the person "sharing" a slide show see only
> the image being viewed on the XO that has the full presentation.  The
> master XO would page through the slides and those sharing would follow
> along.  I'm not sure that's practical, either.
> While I'm figuring this out, what I'd really like to do is release a
> version of View Slides that has no collaboration at all.  This would
> mean hiding the control on the Activity toolbar that supports
> collaboration.  When I figure out something intelligent to do with
> collaboration I'll restore it.  Is this possible, and how would I go
> about doing it?
> Thanks,
> James Simmons
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