Android, OLPC, and native hosting

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2009/12/29 NoiseEHC <NoiseEHC at>:
> me. Another (optional) question is why did you left out gdb from the list?

All sorts of things run on the 3/4 xterms i use. valgrind, gdb,
python -m pdb, tail -f /path/to/log, ipython,, psql, git

> All your code is perfect because you are a top-quality programmer who do not
> make mistakes because of emacs or what?

You seem to be reading things that I do not write. My code is not
perfect. I debug plenty with various mechanisms. There is no problem

> like the endless suffering I had to
> enjoy while fixing some kernel bugs. What I am saying is that I *do not
> want* to develop without IDEs.

Ok, then that is *your personal preference*. Not The End of the World,
not the Betrayal Of The Children.

Bottom line: small-form-factor laptops are rather limited for full
blown TIDEs, mainly because of limited screen real state. XO is one of

You like TIDEs, you might feel such small-form-factor laptops a bit
limiting. That applies to the XO and to a number of other netbooks.

Real men use tools that work well for the task at hand.

And we have plenty of those.

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