TamTam Mini Quirks In Build 56

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Dec 13 22:55:43 EST 2009

G'day Caryl,

That problem sounded interesting, so I tested it myself.  I couldn't get
it to happen.  I was using os60, and I don't think anything relevant was
changed between os56 and os60.  I wondered if I was trying to do the
same thing you were.

Could you tell me what action you do to "go home?"  Do you mean pressing
the Home View or F3 (single green dot in solid green circle) key above
the 4 key?  Or Alt/Tab?  Or Ctrl/Q?

Was an external keyboard attached to the laptop?

Were you holding down any of the "modifier" keys ... the ctrl, shift,
fn, alt, alt gr, or shift keys?  The Home View key surprisingly doesn't
work if any of those are active.

If you can get it to happen again, could you tell me if any of the
following fixes the symptom without having to restart:

1.  Alt/Tab (which should switch to the Journal or any other running

2.  Ctrl/Q (which should quit the Tam Tam Mini activity),

3.  clicking on the Stop icon at the top right,

4.  Ctrl/Alt/Erase (which should restart Sugar only without restarting
the operating system),

5.  pressing each of the "modifier" keys once and then releasing them
before you try the Home View key.  (this would imply a key state is
incorrectly latching, something we've seen before after a resume from
idle suspend, but we thought we fixed it).

James Cameron

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