TamTam Mini Quirks In Build 56

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 00:46:32 EST 2009


I have been playing with Tam Tam Mini in build 56.  After playing for a while it will not allow the machine to go home!  You can access the Journal and go to the Activities previously opened (including Tam Tam Mini) but there is no way to get back to the home screen.  You have to do a force quit with the power button.

I have checked to see if this was a special occurrence but I got it to happen 3 times total and have no doubt that it will happen again.  Each time, I selected a drum set and instrument. Then I just kept playing with the notes and loops for several minutes. 

After just a minute or 2, I could still access the home page, but after I kept playing for maybe 5 minutes or so... it would no longer go to home.  

I tried this on an XO-1 just to see if it was an old bug.  A few funny things happened there, but I was always able to get back to the home screen on the XO-1 but not on the XO-1.5.

BTW, I didn't realize that Tam Tam Mini had melodic loops available on the keys that aren't assigned to specific notes.  Really cool!  Lots of fun!


P.S. The build 59 download just finished. I'll install it now.

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