TamTam Mini Quirks In Build 56

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 23:35:24 EST 2009

Hi James,

I'll fill in my responses in your message. Boy! These builds come along fast.  I haven't had time to test 59 yet and 60 is here already!

Is there supposed to be a firmware update along with 60? It was mentioned in the email Adam forwarded, but there was no link.


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> G'day Caryl,
> That problem sounded interesting, so I tested it myself.  I couldn't get
> it to happen.  I was using os60, and I don't think anything relevant was
> changed between os56 and os60.  I wondered if I was trying to do the
> same thing you were.

I'll try it again. Right now I have 59 installed so I'll use it.  I will also time it to see how long it takes to happen. It may be longer than I thought.
> Could you tell me what action you do to "go home?"  Do you mean pressing
> the Home View or F3 (single green dot in solid green circle) key above
> the 4 key?  Or Alt/Tab?  Or Ctrl/Q?

First I clicked on the stop sign icon. That took me to the Journal. I tried the F3 key to go home. It didn't work. From the Journal I was able to get back to TamTam and to the other Activities in the Journal, but when they were closed I ended up back in the Journal. I was locked in!
> Was an external keyboard attached to the laptop?

No, just the laptop.  I hope someday a small piano-type will be able to interface with the XO.
> Were you holding down any of the "modifier" keys ... the ctrl, shift,
> fn, alt, alt gr, or shift keys?  The Home View key surprisingly doesn't
> work if any of those are active.

No, just the Home View key
> If you can get it to happen again, could you tell me if any of the
> following fixes the symptom without having to restart:

I'll check it out and let you  know one way or another what happens.
> 1.  Alt/Tab (which should switch to the Journal or any other running
> activity),
> 2.  Ctrl/Q (which should quit the Tam Tam Mini activity),
> 3.  clicking on the Stop icon at the top right,
> 4.  Ctrl/Alt/Erase (which should restart Sugar only without restarting
> the operating system),
> 5.  pressing each of the "modifier" keys once and then releasing them
> before you try the Home View key.  (this would imply a key state is
> incorrectly latching, something we've seen before after a resume from
> idle suspend, but we thought we fixed it).
> -- 
> James Cameron
> http://quozl.linux.org.au/
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