[support-gang] FW: Secure or Unsecure?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 07:56:58 EST 2009

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 6:27 AM, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> For you, given our conversation last night, I think this option (play
> until break) is probably the best.  You will naturally play with things
> that others might not.  That will be good value.  Duplication isn't
> necessarily a bad thing.

We still have the 'smoketest' script

Some things are in 8.2 "style" in the test and have changed in the new
Sugar (for example: the "mesh networking" steps needs to be
re-written). But it's an excellent guide. And we need help updating
the bits that are 8.2-ish...

(Where the differences are large, probably a good idea to duplicate
the page so as to keep the 8.2.x version around...)

There are also smoketests for many activities:


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