Wanted: List of Sugar activities for the XO-1.5

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Dec 3 09:32:41 EST 2009

On 03.12.2009, at 14:06, Reuben K. Caron wrote:
> The only different one that comes to mind is WikiBrowse, a Wiki Slice.  
> We have both an English and Spanish version. (*No French yet...*)  
> However, as Martin said, aside from Activities where the localization  
> work has not been done yet, OLPC does attempt to ship software that  
> contains localized strings.
> Reuben
> On Dec 3, 2009, at 8:00 AM, Martin Langhoff wrote:
>> We currently do this for all (most?) other software we ship, mainly
>> because the compiled gettext files don't take that much space. So I am
>> pointing out that OOo is different.

Etoys, too, would benefit from a language-specific bundle. Starting in its default language is quite a bit faster than starting in a different one, because the UI is "prebuilt" and has to be regenerated on startup if the language differs. Also, while currently we only ship English example projects and help guides, translating them is underway (we do have a set of Spanish guides already). The guides currently take 8 MB per language, the example projects about 9 MB. Even a fully translated .mo file is about 450 K. Having multiple languages in one bundle gets big, fast.

- Bert -

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