What level Sugar Activities on F11 ?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Aug 17 11:17:44 EDT 2009

I asked once before, but got no answer:

| When the XO-1.5 on F11 software is eventually deployed (e.g.,
| installed by the factory), what level of Sugar will it provide ?

I just installed 'write-66.xo' on a Parrish XO-1 build on my XO-1.
It failed to launch, because its python code could not find any 
module called  'toolbarbox' (to import classes from).

I see that the recent SoaS3 build (which has a preliminary Sugar 
0.86) provides a 'toolbarbox' module - but Sugar 0.84, which is what 
the Parrish XO-1 builds have, does not.  What I want to know is 
whether it would be worthwhile for me to sooner or later try out 
'write-66', or whether I should plan to do my XO Activity testing 
only with 0.84-compatible Activity versions.


Is XO-1.5 software expected to run Activities marked "for 0.86" ?

Thanks,  mikus

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