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* New Libraries!

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

1. OLPC Tanzania HIV/AIDS Initiative [MIT, USA]

   Requests 30 XO's for 6wks

   Project Objectives:
   Practical HIV diagnostics are urgently needed in resource-limited
   settings like Tanzania. While HIV infection can be diagnosed using
   simple, rapid, lateral flow immunoassays, HIV disease staging and
   treatment monitoring require accurate counting of a particular white
   blood cell subset, the CD4(+) T lymphocyte. To address the limitations
   of current expensive, technically demanding and/or time-consuming
   approaches, we have developed a simple CD4 counting microfluidic device.
   This device uses cell affinity chromatography operated under
   differential shear flow to specifically isolate CD4(+) T lymphocytes
   with high efficiency directly from 10 microliters of unprocessed,
   unlabeled whole blood. CD4 counts determined in our device matched
   measurements by conventional flow cytometry among HIV-positive subjects
   over a wide range of absolute CD4 counts (R(2) = 0.93) during clinical
   trials at Massachusetts General Hospital. CD4 counts will be obtained
   under an optical microscope connected to OLPC in a rapid, simple and
   label-free fashion.

2. Preventing Diabetes Among Economically Disadvantaged New Mom's with 
Prediabetes [Saint Louis Univ, MO, USA]
   Requests 250 XO's for 18-24mos

   Project Objectives:

   The primary objective of this application is to investigate the effects of
   an ehealth program targeted at new moms' at-risk of developing diabetes
   mellitus (DM). The intervention will adapt key aspects of the seminal
   Diabetes Prevention Project (DPP) lifestyle protocol, including  1) clearly
   defined weight loss and physical activity goals; 2) lifestyle coaches; 3)
   Intensive ongoing curriculum (initial 16 session core curriculum to be
   completed within the first 24 weeks after randomization); 4)
   individualization through a "toolbox" of adherence strategies; 5) Materials
   and strategies that address the needs of a diverse population of low-income
   new mothers; and 6) an extensive local and national network of training,
   feedback, and clinical support for the participants into a lifestyle
   intervention via email (i.e., ALIVE! Program). The ALIVE program has been
   shown to significantly improve self efficacy regarding change in diet as
   well as significant forward movement regarding readiness for change. The
   intervention draws from the theory of stages of motivational readiness for
   change for physical activity behavior and will take into account the
   specific social, cultural, economic, and physical environmental challenges
   faced by women of diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The first
   objective is to create the online protocol for at-risk new moms, to be
   accomplished by incorporating a transdisciplinary research team, bridging
   across the fields of education, psychology, medicine, nursing, and maternal
   and child health, linking biological and non-biological (i.e., social)
   determinants. The second objective, and overarching aim of this proposal is
   to test the effect of an ehealth program on encouraging women to achieve a
   weight loss goal of 7% of their initial body weight and 150 minutes of
   moderate physical activity (similar in intensity to brisk walking). The
   third objective of this proposal is to consider links between diabetes risk
   and social determinants of health, by exploring the modifying effects of
   demographic characteristics (i.e., race/ethnicity, age, education,
   urban/rural, and poverty status) on a number of variables including patient
   knowledge of diabetes risk, stage-of-change, stress, empowerment, and
   medical mistrust, to identify important differences between the two groups.
   This application is innovative in being the first, to our knowledge, to test
   an ehealth intervention designed to prevent DM among at-risk, low-income new
   moms. The intervention protocols will be designed for easy translation into
   clinical practice, to foster generalization should they be found to be

3. OpenOffice.org -- EducOO.org [Tabasco, Mexico]

   Requests 1 XO for 8 months

   Project Objectives:
   Project consist in developing a custom version of OpenOffice.org
   targeted for Kids that can run on the XO. Targeted builds will need to
   be tested on XO to optimize the performance for the XO architecture.

4. Intelligent Predictor Application for XO (Malaysia and Indonesia)

   Requests 2 XO's for 14 months

   Project Objectives:
   - XO as the medium for the application
   - To test and show the capability of XO in running AI(Artificial 
Intelligence) program.
   - To stimulate the learning process for children who use XO.
   - Help children to think logically
   - To assist any users of the application helping them to make a 
decision based on the model of knowledge they entered into the application

5. Rural Design Collective 2009 Summer Mentoring Program [sev locations!]

   Requests 5 XO's for 6 months

   Project Objectives:
   The Rural Design Collective is a remote mentoring program with a
   local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin an
   independent career on the Internet. The mentoring program is
   structured on a three month time-frame where mentorees are matched to
   projects that suit their creative skills. The mentorees
   learn-as-they-earn, working on real projects that help their
   community or establish their credibility as a professional. They
   complete the three months with a real project and professional client

   The 2009 RDC Mentoring Program centers around the public domain and
   books. As part of this, the RDC will be outfitting six (6) XO laptops
   that were recently donated by the RDC and distributed to area schools
   and libraries with a collection of books from the Internet Archive
   Childrens Library (IACL). The mentorees will partner with a
   representative from the participating organizations to outfit the XO
   to their specifications and train them on the device. We will share
   what we learn by publishing our work on the web and installing the
   same bundles on laptops donated by the OLPC through the Contributors

6. San Francisco State University Lending Library [USA]

   Requests 10 XO's for 6 months

   Project Objectives:
   San Francisco State University would like to help OLPC by starting a
   lending library at the main campus. The purpose would be to help increase
   awareness of OLPC's goals by letting students borrow the XO computers.

   The project would allow students the opportunity to use their diverse
   backgrounds and experience to develop hardware and software for the XO.
   Students from many of the departments, such as Engineering, Computer
   Science, History and Art could be inspired to contribute to OLPC's goals
   once they are familiar with the project. Open source software would be
   used to track lending of the laptops, as well the inspiring ideas
   students may have.
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