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Mon Apr 6 23:32:34 EDT 2009

david wrote:

> Hello
> I am returning to this list after a few months - sorry if this topic
> has been covered. I heard that the touchpad hardware may have been
> improved in XOs manufactured since around October last year.

No so much improved.  It was wholesale replaced with a synaptics device. 
   Its now essentially the same as a unit found in more traditional laptops.

Its currently in production but only in the last month.

> Others
> have told me that 8.2 has largely corrected the erratic pad behaviour
> that in my many observations in PNG, Nauru and Solomons is due to
> moisture. In 90% humidity, 35 degrees C, almost all the XOs exhibited
> some degree of the problem.

8.2 attempts to detect the jumpyness and sends the touchpad calibrate 
commands until the jumpyness stops.  There are various reports of better 
or worse behavior.

> I am now advising someone on a significant order and want to know the
> latest on this issue.

I've got a box of 5 sample units I'll send you.  Send me the address you 
want them shipped to.

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