phantom stuck keys in XO shipment

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at
Tue Apr 7 02:00:35 EDT 2009

We received 2525 XO's a week ago and have been imaging and repacking
them. We have received XO 1.5's w/ Nepali keyboards.

We have processed 1600 XO's so far and only found about 6 XO's DOA. I
have encountered a very strange problem however.

On about 50 XO's so far, the function, right arrow key, both "raised
hand" keys, and the frame key in the upper right corner appear stuck
during testing. We test the keyboards using "test-all" from the Forth

On a second boot, the problem goes away and no keys are stuck during
"test keyboard" or "test-all." We happily move the XO from the DOA stack
to the deployment stack. Hopefully this "stuck key" problem stays away
permanently. Can anyone tell me why this happens in the first place?

Bryan W. Berry
Technology Director
OLE Nepal,

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