Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Apr 6 17:16:36 EDT 2009

> All sorts of command line code gets in trouble if there are spaces in filenames.

As a rule, Linux handles filenames well if the spaces therein are 
prefixed with escape.  [ For file 'Foo Bar', enter 'Foo\ Bar' ]
Haven't tried this with filenames specified within RoadMap, though.


p.s.  All my maps are on my "Permanent" SD card.  I'm currently 
using the .xo Activity version of RoadMap.  I've set up 
'Activities/RoadMap.activity/maps' as a _symbolic link_ to the 
directory on the SD card which contains all the .rdm files that I 
need ( including the file 'usdir.rdm' ).

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