Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Apr 6 17:39:34 EDT 2009

> i confess i'm not sure who mounts the drive.  i suspect most people
> will say "Not a bug".  i should be able to make that work in the
> RoadMap activity.  i'll take a look. 

It really is a bug.  All sorts of command line code gets in trouble if there 
are spaces in filenames.  I've seen it mentioned so many times on the FPGA 
newsgroup that it finally sunk in.  Spaces in file/directory names are just 
asking for troubles.

Yes, you can probably fix this case.  That leaves 999999 other systems that 
will still need fixing.

Even if they didn't cause this sort of problem, they require extra effort 
(quotes or a backslash) when typing things in.  Why set a bad example?  (Tab 
expansion did the right thing and put in a backslash when it completed the 
name for me.)

These are my opinions, not necessarily my employer's.  I hate spam.

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