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Mon Apr 6 16:48:24 EDT 2009

hal wrote:
 > > in particular, the part about getting maps should be more specific:
 > > maps are big, so you'll want to put them on SD or USB.  roadmap will
 > > look for maps in a top-level directory called RoadMap.maps, plus in
 > > any subdirectories of RoadMap.maps.  as long as the full path is
 > > "/media/<something-or-other>/RoadMap.maps/....", it should find them. 
 > Close, but it doesn't work with "/media/USB Drive/" which is where my USB 
 > flash drive shows up.  Note the space in there.  :)

hrmph.  "Don't do that."   :-)

 > This seems worthy of a bug report.  (Not RoadMap, whatever code mounted it 
 > with a filename containing a space.)  Which chunk of code is that?  Does 
 > RoadMap wamt a bug report too?

i confess i'm not sure who mounts the drive.  i suspect most people
will say "Not a bug".  i should be able to make that work in the RoadMap
activity.  i'll take a look.

 > I've got the California maps working now.  Thanks again.
 > The maps have interesting wiggles in streets that should be straight lines.  
 > My guess would be the bottom bits of the locations are getting compressed 
 > out.  The streets I'm looking at are straight, but off north-south or 
 > east-west.

can you send me a screen shot, and/or the lon/lat of where you're seeing
the problem?  roadmap stores and uses microdegrees, so i don't think it's
a truncation problem.

 > Sometimes roads and creeks overlap a bit.

the Tiger data (from the US Census bureau) has notoriously bad water
feature data, so this doesn't surprise or concern me.  it's called
"RoadMap", not "MarineChart" for a reason.  ;-)

 > I've also seen it miss chunks of road around the edges.  Moving slightly 
 > picks them up.

at very high zoom levels?  yes, i haven't worked on that one for a while.
someone broke the screen-edge clipping at some point.

 > I haven't figured out how to display or collect a track yet.

hmm.  i thought the breadcrumb trail (where the "breadcrumbs" are
shown as small purple dots) was be enabled by default, but
maybe i'm wrong.  it's either not being displayed, or it's not
being generated.  to fix:

	then scroll through _far_ too many configuration tabs
	to get to "Track", and be sure you have:
	    Initial Display: on
	    Policy: <anything but "Off">

you can read about the different track policies under "CURRENT TRACK"

 paul fox, pgf at

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