Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Apr 6 16:30:04 EDT 2009

Thanks.  That's what I needed to get off the ground.

> the help screens in roadmap are available in HTML format.  because
> sugar still hasn't figured out how to make it easy for an activity to
> present the user with information in a browser, the help isn't
> packaged with the activity.  probably short-sighted of me.  in any
> case, it's all available here:

So far, I've been reading it on another system.  I just grabbed a copy so I 
can read it on my XO.

> in particular, the part about getting maps should be more specific:
> maps are big, so you'll want to put them on SD or USB.  roadmap will
> look for maps in a top-level directory called RoadMap.maps, plus in
> any subdirectories of RoadMap.maps.  as long as the full path is
> "/media/<something-or-other>/RoadMap.maps/....", it should find them. 

Close, but it doesn't work with "/media/USB Drive/" which is where my USB 
flash drive shows up.  Note the space in there.  :)

Fortunately, I had another flash drive around that shows up as 

This seems worthy of a bug report.  (Not RoadMap, whatever code mounted it 
with a filename containing a space.)  Which chunk of code is that?  Does 
RoadMap wamt a bug report too?

I've got the California maps working now.  Thanks again.

The maps have interesting wiggles in streets that should be straight lines.  
My guess would be the bottom bits of the locations are getting compressed 
out.  The streets I'm looking at are straight, but off north-south or 

Sometimes roads and creeks overlap a bit.

I've also seen it miss chunks of road around the edges.  Moving slightly 
picks them up.

I haven't figured out how to display or collect a track yet.

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