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Wed Oct 29 18:24:20 EDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 9:47 PM, S Page <info at> wrote:

> >  and hitting start
> > doesn't seem to do anything (other than triggering some disk I/O)
> That script had a bug, it doesn't specify a category.
> (Is there a general Sugar bug that if anything whatsoever goes wrong you
> get no feedback? !!)

More feedback would definitely be useful.   Also, if it is necessary to run
Log to see what is happening on yor system, it should be a more prominent
and actively maintianed activity.

This particular facet is partly a side effect of implementing "dont bother
the user unless absolutely necessary"which imo causes as much confusion as
it avoids.

> With that fix I was able to install a few of david's collection from the
> Web and USB.  But the Journal leaves the .xol file in
> /home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/ until it next installs something, and it
> has errors if I later try to erase the collection.  I didn't have these
> problems installing and erasing "World culture" v3; I'm not sure what
> the difference is.

sounds like another silent failure in the last step of the process. Canyou
post a but with specific bundles attached for reference?

> Could someone who knows please edit this wiki page and others like
> for accuracy?  E.g.
> * Nothing except
><>seems to
> list acceptable subcategories.

subcats arent implemented atm, which is probably why.  I would like to have
categories and tags specifically marked for default visual grouping for all
bundles... maybe I'll put this into a metadata talk for xocamp.

> * Should the host_version be 2 these day?

host_version is still required to be 1 in various places.
re: the metadata discussion above, we need to define when thischanges,
andweshould at least updateit once every major release-or-api-change.

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