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Wed Oct 29 17:47:35 EDT 2008

In "Re: Sugar unusable as an e-book reader", david at wrote:

>> .
> hmm, I modified the script ... and used it to create 
> bundle .xol files. putting them on the USB stick doesn't seem to work. 
> they show up in the journal as unknown file types

I filed that they don't have unique 
icons, I haven't tried the patch in bug 7197 that might fix this.

>  and hitting start 
> doesn't seem to do anything (other than triggering some disk I/O)

That script had a bug, it doesn't specify a category.
With logging enabled, org.laptop.JournalActivity-1.log says
MalformedBundleException: Content bundle 
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/the_fata_morgana.xol does not specify a 

(Is there a general Sugar bug that if anything whatsoever goes wrong you 
get no feedback? !!)

With that fix I was able to install a few of david's collection from the 
Web and USB.  But the Journal leaves the .xol file in 
/home/olpc/.sugar/default/data/ until it next installs something, and it 
has errors if I later try to erase the collection.  I didn't have these 
problems installing and erasing "World culture" v3; I'm not sure what 
the difference is.

Could someone who knows please edit this wiki page and others like for accuracy?  E.g.

* Nothing except seems to 
list acceptable subcategories.

* Should the host_version be 2 these day?

=S Page

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