9.1 Proposal: Printing support

Torello Querci torello at torosoft.com
Tue Oct 21 06:03:25 EDT 2008

Il giorno lun, 20/10/2008 alle 16.55 -0700, Jim Gettys ha scritto:
> Actually, teachers are the other people who have asked for printing
> support (e.g. at Arahuay, when I visited).  They don't have enough
> conventional systems to do their test sheets.
> Now on line tests may make some/most of that need obsolete; but that
> will take time for teachers to get used to.
>                            - Jim
Really the Teachers want to print the children works, but in Sugar
anything is simple, so I think that the UI for manage the printer need
to be very, very, very easy to use without the need to explain and this
I suppose to be not so easy like install CUPS.

My 2 cent

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