9.1 Proposal: Printing support

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Mon Oct 20 20:32:04 EDT 2008

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, John Gilmore wrote:

> Note that much of the demand for printing comes from G1G1 users, who
> won't have a School Server (and are unlikely to have another Linux
> machine handy).
> I think the answer is probably to run the CUPS daemon when we need it,
> and kill it off when we don't (a la inetd).
> As with everything else, I think we should strongly hew to what
> already works and what's already had tens of thousands of manhours
> invested in it, rather than reinventing the wheel and the GUI.  CUPS
> is administered through a browser, we have a browser, are we almost
> done yet?  :-)

if we have the ability to send to a IPP server on a remote system, that 
'remote system' can be a $49 ethernet to parallel/USB device (with the 
driver in the laptop).

I also suspect that many of the G1G1 users will have a Linux machine 

David Lang

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