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Mon Oct 20 09:53:38 EDT 2008

john -- i'm cc'ing devel at l.o on this, since i may not have all the

john wrote:
 > Hi, Paul.
 > Will the G1G1 build have Java pre-installed so that you can run Java  
 > applets in the browser?

i don't believe so.

 > I'm wondering because we have a Scratch applet that allows users to  
 > run Scratch projects in their browser when they visit the Scratch  
 > website. If a user likes a project, they can download it, see how it  
 > works, and perhaps make their own variation of that project. We think  
 > being able to run Scratch projects in the browser encourages Scratch  
 > users to learn from each other helps motivate them to learn.
 > The last time I tried Java on the XO, the Sun Java SDK did not work  
 > due to a slight shared library compatibility. I now see that the Wiki  
 > is recommending an open-source version of Java. Does that one work  
 > with the XO web browser activity?

i haven't tried it myself.

 > What is the feeling at OLPC about having Java pre-installed (if it  
 > isn't already)? Is that a possibility? I think it would be helpful to  
 > many Scratch users if Java were included.
 > Is it s too late to suggest including Java in the upcoming G1G1 build?

yes, i believe it's too late.  build 767, aka 8.2.0, is finalized.

to make a case for including (some form of) java in a future release,
see for how to champion it for an 8.2.1,
and/or file a trac ticket to get it on the radar for 9.1.0.  (initial 9.1.0
feature planning is underway via proposals sent to the devel list.
and subsequent messages with with "9.1 Proposal:" in the subject.

 paul fox, pgf at

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