Greg Smith's Weekly Report, week ending 10/17

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Mon Oct 20 10:08:42 EDT 2008

Greg's User Feedback URL of the Week (English):
8.2.0 question, posted and resolved by the community in the same day!

Greg's User Feedback URL of the Week (Spanish):
Public Moodle with Forums created and used by teachers in Peru since 2006.

Bonus URL courtesy of Seth.
Recent blog posts about 8.2.0:

Status of last weeks goals:
1 - Send out 8.2 announcement e-mail to public lists and technical leads 
at deployments.

GS - Done!

2 - Update and restructure 9.1 page. Continue to engage learning team, 
Ed, engineering and others to come up with use cases and high level 
strategic plans which can motivate development over the course of 
multiple releases.

GS - Mostly not done. Held first 9.1 meeting and sent out invite for 
conference in November. Continued discussions with learning and operations.

3 - Join more sugar and other design meetings. I want to add more 
motivation and customer side info to features planned. Also want to 
communicate better what work is essentially underway and being worked on 
now. Lastly want to write more detailed requirements and see if I can 
get an engineer to write at least one full design document (best chance 
is design for activation/security management in response to:

GS - Partially done. Joined Journal meeting but didn't make any sugar 
meetings. No design proposals (AKA functional specifications) received 
yet. May make progress if Chris implements a spec. writing tool...

4 - Update deployments page with the latest status details.

GS - Not done.

5 - Engage more users to understand their needs. Focus especially on Sur 
list and country technical leads (top targets: Peru, Uruguay, Ethiopia, 
Rwanda and Haiti).

GS - Partially done. Debriefed Brian on his Rwanda trip. Talked with 
Peru leads on IRC and e-mail. Kept up with torrent of Sur list e-mails 
and talked to Uruguay contacts.

Goals for next week:
1 - Update and rename 9.1.0 page. Prioritize and organize requirements. 
Flesh out two more requirement definitions.

2 - Work on agenda for miniconference. Review proposals, submit a few of 
my own, and update conference page.

3 - Meet with deployment teams and learning teams. Write use cases and 
collect more user input.

4 - Update deployments page.


Greg S

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