Updated UBIFS 8.2 image

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Mon Oct 13 16:26:32 EDT 2008


I have updated the  UBIFS 8.2 image on d.l.o with a
new kernel that includes various backports from kernel.org.
One major change that is noticeable is that the free space
calculation reports 921MiB free instead of 822MiB due to 
improved df reporting. I've also disabled debug messages 
and this will improve performance (UBI attach time dropped 
from 50s to < 2s). 

Directions for installation:

 * Make sure your XO has security disabled 

 * Make sure your XO is running the latest OFW. The best way to do this
   is to update it to 8.2.0. 

 * Download the following files to a USB stick: 


 * Boot the laptop with USB stick and escape into the OFW prompt. 

 * Run: 

   ok dev nand   : write-blocks write-pages ;  dend
   write-blocks isn't unique # You can ignore this
   ok update-nand u:\data.img

 * At this point OFW will erase the flash and copy the contents of the
   nand.img file to flash. When complete you can simply reboot the system. 

Thanks to Artem Bityutskiy for backporting the changes.


Deepak Saxena - Kernel Developer - dsaxena at laptop.org

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