2 observations (candidate-767)

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Oct 13 16:58:26 EDT 2008

> 2)  I then tried to install and use  TuxPaint versions 1 and 2 and Squeak.

I notice that except for the kernel package squeak-vm, "Squeak" does 
not seem to be present in 767.  There are available a number of 
optional Activities programmed in squeak, but I don't have any 
installed currently.

As far as TuxPaint is concerned, 767 appears to have introduced a 
new "Feature" whereby if all the (security?) prerequisites for an 
Activity are not met, on launch such an Activity (e.g., TuxPaint) 
just pulses and vanishes, leaving behind a log of zero bytes.


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