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Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 05:20:14 EDT 2008

Le jeudi 02 octobre 2008 à 19:28 +1300, Douglas Bagnall a écrit :
> I wrote:

Hi Douglas,

> > It is not completely satisfactory: I don't have the resources to test
> > up to 3000 active users which I believe is an important target.
> Just to clarify this: it was actually client resources I ran out of,
> not the server (though that must have been getting close to melt
> down).
> I used hyperactivity, but could only maintain about 250 connections
> from each instance.  Guillaume: you mentioned somewhere that you had
> worked on a Gabble bug relating to hyperactivity, so I tried a git
> snapshot and got a recurring trace back with this punchline:

Yeah, I discovered some vicious Gabble bugs when using hyperactivity.
One of my fix [1] wasn't merged yet. I will ask to Daf to review it.

> dbus.exceptions.DBusException:
> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Errors.NotImplemented: \
>  Unknown property BuddyGadgetAvailable on org.laptop.Telepathy.Gadget

Sorry about that, I forgot to push my patch after the API change. Please
update your hyperactivity with [2].

> Do I need to replace other stuff than just Gabble?  Or should I not
> bother yet? Is 250 connections in the order that you get?  Perhaps my
> hyperactivity has issues all of its own.

I also observed issues when running too much connections on the same
Gabble instance (IIRC around 250 connections as you). I'll continue to
test and try to fix more of them.

For now, you can run multi instances of Gabble and hyperactivity.
Hyperactivity doesn't support multi instances yet, so you'll have to
make a full copy of it for each instance (don't forget to erase your
accounts directory to create new ones). I should fix that too.


[1] http://monkey.collabora.co.uk/telepathy-gabble_fix-tube/

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