Signed candidate-765 and gg-765-2 builds available for testing.

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Thu Oct 2 03:31:49 EDT 2008

Michael Stone wrote:
> I have decided to publish 8.2-765 as a signed Candidate
>     (raw os)

I reverted my signed (no-developer key) XO-1 back to build 650 
("ship.1", 7.1.0) and did a ``olpc-update --usb`` to update to 
candidate-765.  I had the expected issues of no sudo and having to 
update olpc-update itself, and it worked!  This wasn't a perfect test
because I didn't revert firmware as well, I was on latest q2e18 firmware

I improved and simplified the early sections of for the "USB upgrade" path.

I noticed one slightly confusing thing.  The line of text in a virtual 
terminal and in `cat /etc/issue` is:
   OLPC build 765 (stream 8.2; variant devel_jffs2)
                          ^^^?         ^^^^^?
I guess this "candidate" stream isn't a real stream, it's just a special 
treatment of certain builds.  But why is the variant called "devel" ? 
According to <> , 
"devel Contains tools useful for developers of the OLPC operating 
system, including: yum, rpm, vim-minimal, openssh-server, xterm, which, 
file, tree, wget, xorg-x11-twm, gdb packages"

My OS only has some of those.  I think these days there isn't a "Normal 
image" any more, just "devel_"?  Will this variant "devel_" go away when 
8.2.0 moves to ?

I see a newer ; 
Friends_in_testing still suggests candidate-765.

> (G1G1 composite)

I see a newer gg-766-3.  But nobody has explained when or how you'd 
upgrade to a gg- build (is it for a clean-install with activities?), so 
I think it goes unmentioned on the wiki.

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