Screen burn in question (XO B4 ~10 months use)

Gary C Martin gary at
Mon Nov 24 15:02:33 EST 2008

Hi list,

Just a quick ping on the expected behaviour regarding 'screen burn  
in'. I'm starting to notice ghost image burn in across the top of the  
screen (XO B4** ~10 months use), where the standard toolbar dark grey  
usually sits. It's clear enough I can make out the search area,  
spyglass icon and input cursor line. It's not too visible when the  
screen is showing 100% white, but quite noticeable when a grey fill is  
being used.

I can take a photo if anyone needs a reference.

It suggests that having the actual lcd display power off (and not just  
backlight screen dimming) is important for more than just energy saving.

** BTW B4s lost most of their power saving feature support about the  
time I received mine for development work, so this one has had a life  
of screen on for most days.


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