Greg S Weekly Report Week Ending November 21

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Mon Nov 24 17:18:12 EST 2008

Weekly report for Greg Smith.

User link of the week (English):

Includes a review of XOs in rural Peru with insightful comment on the 
cultural context. On the technical side, the teacher and kids completely 
missed the XO's Collaboration capabilities! Worse, he assumes that our 
collaboration allows users to easily move files from one XO to another, 
something that is not available in the GUI right now.

Status of last weeks goals:

1 - Update roadmap page:
Follow up with deployments to verify priorities. Get a second level of
detail from deployments on what they need.

GS - Partially done. Lots more to go.

Reordered and tweaked my top suggestions for next release:

Added some details to the following requirements:
- Copy file form one XO to another requirements

- Run any linux app on XO

- Updated activation lease security one more time with details from

-UI section of the performance requirement

2 - Listen to ideas and plans from Sugar camp and integrate them in the
Feature roadmap page as needed.

GS - Done. Sat in on most meetings from Tuesday to Friday. Made a few 
updates to the Roadmap page based on discussions.

3 - Start process and operations page for 9.1 release. Come up with Trac
conventions and other tracking systems for execution of a quality release.

GS - Not done.

4 - Update school server wiki pages and documentation. Add links to
Readme files to 0.5 release notes. Mark older pages obsolete and try to
make it crystal clear what the server supports now.

GS - Not done yet. Prepared edits to only include supported features in

Goals for next week
1 - Build 9.1 project page and select top high level feature requests
and layout rough schedule.

2 - Define Trac usage and Trac scrub plan for 9.1

3 - Fill in requirements definition for top 9.1 features and engage

4 - Update School Server documentation.

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