x11vnc and vncviewer for classroom

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 01:58:39 EST 2008

>>> > Pardon my lack of experience with the XO... was supposed to get 2 of them
>>> > with the original G1G1 program, but that apparently did not work out.
>>> >
>>> > Does the XO have a standard ethernet interface?  If so, and if that
>>> > interface does PXE, it would make an admirable LTSP terminal when
>>> > connected to a wired network also.
>>> No wired ethernet onboard, although I think it supports some usb
>>> ethernet adapters.
>> Doubtful that would work then, although it could do an X -query $X11SERVER
>> where the X11 server is broadcasting XDMCP.  Could probably also use
>> LTSP's ldm to connect to a standard LTSP server instead of running a local
>> GUI.  That is essentially X compressed and encrypted over a
>> ssh tunnel.  Either of these methods would work over either a usb NIC or
>> the wifi.
>> Enjoy,
>> Scott
> The XO does have 3 USB 2.0 ports and a whole bunch of USB to ethernet
> adapters work (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/USB_ethernet_adaptors).
> However, the XO does not have a traditional BIOS, so no PXE boot
> option. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ask_OLPC_a_Question_about_the_Network#XO_and_PXE.2FEtherboot
> I remember talking to Oliver Grawert (copied here) of Ubuntu/LTSP fame
> at the first (and only) UbuntuLive and he said he had an XO in the mix
> of things that ran LTSP terminals. How he was doing this wasn't clear
> though.

It might support network boot through the OpenFirmware.


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