x11vnc and vncviewer for classroom

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Mon Nov 24 02:05:13 EST 2008

> [discussion about LTSP and PXE and Etherboot and wired ethernet adapters]

Why is PXE necessary for LTSP?  From the LTSP web site, I get the 
impression that it can run inside several distros, including Fedora and 
Debian.  There are Fedora- and Debian- derived distros for XO.

XO's OFW firmware can load kernels and initramfs's over either USB 
Ethernet adapters or the built-in wireless, using TFTP or HTTP or NFS.  
It's also possible to boot diskless with root on NFS.  In fact that's 
how the manufacturer runs their Linux-based burn-in diagnostics.

What you can't do is run an absolutely stock distro, because you need a 
kernel that supports the OLPC-specific hardware.

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