Scam alert: [Fwd: Thank you from One Laptop per Child]

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Sun Nov 16 13:50:09 EST 2008

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pgf at wrote:
> this mail was/is legitimate, and is part of the G1G1 launch
> starting tomorrow.  the links go through a redirector so that
> OLPC can see statistics on click-through responses.
> i understand completely why it made you nervous, however.  we'll
> consult with our mailing partner to find out what we can do about
> the URLs in future mailings.

In fact, the mailing partner did something very interesting here, which is
to send the message with both a plain-text and HTML copy, embedded in the
same mail. My client is configured to prefer the plain-text version, so I
saw links of the form "".  In the HTML copy, it's
as Chris described.

So OLPC beware; the traffic statistics you're getting back from Constant
Contact Inc don't include (at least some) users running Thunderbird, and
maybe anyone else with a similar client.

- --Ben
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