How to get screenshot thumbnail?

Chris Marshall jns-cmarshall at
Sun Nov 16 12:37:09 EST 2008

I used the Alt-1 shortcut to get a screenshot
for reference which was duly saved in the Journal.
When I went to the Journal and reviewed the
entry, the thumbnail preview was blank.

I tried to resume the screenshot and Browse was
the Activity of choice to view.  I tried quitting
Browse and going back to the Journal entry, still
no preview.

Is there some sequence of events required to get
the preview to appear?

2 thoughts:

** Alt-1 screenshots should populate the preview
    image as they are saved

** We could use a featherweight image viewer to
    look at images full screen with zooming.  Maybe
    an Activity wrapper around ImageMagick library
    calls would do it.  Fast and simple would be
    the goal here.


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