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Mon Nov 3 00:27:52 EST 2008

On Mon, 3 Nov 2008, James Cameron wrote:

> The TODO file in the xodist git repository has a hardware enablement
> section that I added last week, which covers some of the things this
> thread has discussed.

link to xodist please?

> keymap for the extra keyboard keys and game buttons
>        key to right of esc, second from start of first row
>        key to right of f12, second from end of first row

do you have the direction and rotate game keys working?

xbindkeys shows the O game key as  as m:0x0 + c:229
xbindkeys shows the X game key as  as m:0x0 + c:230
xbindkeys shows the [] game key as  as m:0x0 + c:231
xbindkeys shows the check game key as  as m:0x0 + c:222

>        fn, first key on last row

xbindkeys shows this as m:0x0 + c:157

>        multiply divide, last key on second last row

xbindkeys shows this as m:0x0 + c:211

> brightness control keys (conflicts with function key usage)
> volume control keys (conflicts with function key usage)

these don't need system changes, just deciding which function those keys 
should do, the brightness and volume functions are strictly in software 
(and done via X hooks, as can be shown by the fact that these do not work 
in a console, and in fact crash the system if you hit them there)

> turn off backlight on suspend or hibernate

I don't use suspend or hibernate enough to help, but now that we have the 
script to control the backlight this should be fairly easy (although you 
really want to turn off the entire screen, not just the backlight, at 
least for hibernate, don't you?)

> hibernate on lid close

once we find a way to get key input from those magnetic sensors this 
should be pretty easy.

> Yes, it may be just a matter of finding out how the OLPC OS builds do
> the task and ensuring that the patch goes upstream far enough ... but if
> not, the other solutions are:
> 1.  producing .deb forms of the OLPC specific .rpm packages,
> (repackaging work), or
> 2.  producing short hacks that make configuration changes to the
> generated root filesystem before making the image.
> The latter method is how xodist's script does some
> features ... like setting up /etc/modules, xorg.conf, and so forth.

I'm actually not happy with how the OLPC currently handles these things, 
they are too X (and sugar) specific. we need to get a layer lower if we 

> If you would like to help, then research how to get the effect you
> desire, test it on a laptop, then adjust initchroot to do it, try
> generating new images, and send us the patch.

that's what I'm working on, I figured I'd ask first on the chances that 
someone had already done the research ;-)

> On the weekend I had two visits by five kids and four adults, and I left
> a collection of XOs lying around for them to play with, half with the
> G1G1 activity set, and half with a debxo KDE build.  The younger kids
> who had not used computers much before certainly selected the G1G1
> units.  The older kids and adults who have used computers extensively
> found the KDE builds more fascinating.  It's what they knew.


David Lang

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