XO-2 software plans

Alex Belits abelits at phobos.illtel.denver.co.us
Fri May 23 20:17:37 EDT 2008

Jim Gettys wrote:
> Bert...
> Part of the problem is the X driver model is pretty broken, causing much
> more to be done in software than should be necessary; and it isn't clear
> we're even using X efficiently at the moment...  The driver stuff is
> getting fixed (in general in X: this is the EXA/DRI2 work); profiling of
> our entire software stack is in order to see where our real problems are
> at the moment.


Don't you end up using Cairo through GTK as the main layer that almost 
everything goes through, so everything below has any importance only as 
long as Cairo uses it efficiently?

Don't the most important speed limitations come from the need to support 
interpreter-based, easy-to-develop-for environment?

Scaling works fine where it's necessary (video), however it will be of 
no help for most of the user interface.

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