XO-2 software plans

Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Fri May 23 21:41:55 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 17:17 -0700, Alex Belits wrote:
> Jim Gettys wrote:
> > Bert...
> > 
> > Part of the problem is the X driver model is pretty broken, causing much
> > more to be done in software than should be necessary; and it isn't clear
> > we're even using X efficiently at the moment...  The driver stuff is
> > getting fixed (in general in X: this is the EXA/DRI2 work); profiling of
> > our entire software stack is in order to see where our real problems are
> > at the moment.
> EXA? DRI2?
> Don't you end up using Cairo through GTK as the main layer that almost 
> everything goes through, so everything below has any importance only as 
> long as Cairo uses it efficiently?

You can abuse Cairo, rather than use it.  

And we use it sometimes in ways other than strictly through GTK+: e.g.
the canvas.

Profiling is in order.

Also, note I was replying to Bert Freudenberg, one of the Squeak/etoys
folks.  They don't go through the GTK/cairo stack, except for the
activity decoration.
                    - Jim

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