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> Kurt H Maier wrote:
> > How is this relevant?  When Microsoft sits down and throws its vast
> > resources at making Windows "just work" on the XO-1, it's going to
> > blow our current FOSS distributions out of the water.  *That's* what
> > worries me.  We don't have suspend and resume working without breaking
> > SD cards.  We're retooling Sugar's datastore.  OLPC3 is being born.  A
> > couple million dollars from Microsoft could turn out a Windows install
> > that *works*, and then no country on the planet would bother even
> > looking at a feature-incomplete FOSS alternative
> I think the way to "protect" Sugar and to take a step further in the
> whole project is giving one step back: Sugar must be able to
> run on any Linux distro.  I know that it is hard... but IF we are able
> to take this step back then Sugar (and many
> other things) will be in better competitive position.

Trying to "out-compete" an organization which has a history of illegal
anti-competitive behavior is unwise at best.


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