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Thu May 15 20:57:14 EDT 2008

Kurt H Maier wrote:
> How is this relevant?  When Microsoft sits down and throws its vast
> resources at making Windows "just work" on the XO-1, it's going to
> blow our current FOSS distributions out of the water.  *That's* what
> worries me.  We don't have suspend and resume working without breaking
> SD cards.  We're retooling Sugar's datastore.  OLPC3 is being born.  A
> couple million dollars from Microsoft could turn out a Windows install
> that *works*, and then no country on the planet would bother even
> looking at a feature-incomplete FOSS alternative
I think the way to "protect" Sugar and to take a step further in the 
whole project is giving one step back: Sugar must be able to
run on any Linux distro.  I know that it is hard... but IF we are able 
to take this step back then Sugar (and many
other things) will be in better competitive position.


Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru

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