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Fri May 9 15:39:01 EDT 2008

Hello John and all,

Tip 1: Due to one of my previous works I have been able to check the 
"log" of huge servers here in Peru.
I was looking for technical reasons for some weird behaviour on a small 
network.  Then, suddenly, I realize
that the word "sex" and "sex related" websites were all over the log. I 
check randomly about 20 pages and
in 20 different days and it was the same.  I can roughly calculate that 
more than 70% of the use on this
servers were related to sex (Huge Hefner was the one that start this 
commercialization in the U.S. but in
old Peru we had an anncient civilization, named Mochica, that 
manufacture old ceramics with very explicit
sex ceramics, we have them in all museums.  You can imagine the face of 
the Spaniards conquerors (that
were ruled by their holly inquisition when they realize these old 
Peruvian fellows kept "sex related
ceramics" in every house)... There are thousands and thousands of "sex 
ceramics" all gymnastics that you can
imagine or dream!   O:-) The kamasutra is a boring book in comparison 
(these ceramics are 3D!) ... Well... just for been
more specific, my old and dear "Mochica" civilization develop a huge 
civilization, very developed, but...
they eat the heart of the prisioners too (like the Aztecs in Mexico).  
Tip 1: Times change... but SEX keeps on
the field play in all times.

Tip 2: I was in a small, very small village in the high Andes, around 3 
years ago.  I was in an very isolated
town, around 1,000 families approximately (so there was an Internet 
Cafe).  I was not able to avoid
noticing a group of 7 kids (around 10 to 14 years old).  Big noise, big 
smiles, laughing... then I heard
and realize that they were checking the net for "nude women"... and I 
got surprised when I "open ears"
very wide (like the rabbit ears on the XO) and I realize that the search 
was very specific: they were
looking for blonds! only blonds!  Tip 2: It happens in the best families 
and in all environments.

Tip 3: About 4 months ago  I have read a report about what are the "most 
searched words by country:"
uhmmm... I don't want to offend any nationality... but... in Peru is 
"sex" (I am innocent!), in U.S. was
"girl" or "chick" (you just want to talk...)... in France it was "gay" 
(they are looking for more fun... I guess!)
... I was surprided to realize that in Chile it was "gay" too... (my 
Chilean friends... just coming out from
the closet?)... and the list continues... Tip 3: It comes to your door 
in many forms and flavors.

My conclusion, from those experiences, is that deviation from what we 
can see as our intended goal
(education) is very near and knock our door all time.

Best regards,

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru

John Watlington wrote:
> On May 8, 2008, at 7:58 PM, Martin Dengler wrote:
>> On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 04:06:03PM -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>>> [. . .]
>>> It is sufficient if we clearly obey the law, and don't seek
>>> to go beyond it.
>> Any lawyers around?  "go beyond" implies "interpret" -- the only
>> safe course is to comply exactly and minimally, IMHO.
> I was contacted by Julie Lindner of the EFF about this issue after
> a previous thread on devel.  I described the situation about three
> weeks ago, and asked if EFF could clarify what is needed (and
> what laws apply).   She hasn't replied yet (I imagine the EFF is
> busier than OLPC.)
> If you want to contact her let me know and I'll forward her email  
> address.
> wad
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