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Martin et al,

Not a lawyer... but I know law and I have studied the issue of law and 
filtering of the public information and I gave consulting to many 
congressmen that were the ones that establish the peruvian laws about 
what children can see and cannot see (I will not get in the debate about 
what they can see and what they cannot see... but, for the record: my 
first priority is to fight against VIOLENCE in the public media: all 
forms of violence, in the sports, in the comic programs, in the news, in 
the songs (rap this one!), in the movies.  Only adults should be able to 
see a violent movie.  But this is beyond the point of "filtering").

Peru has signed and ratified the "Protocolo Opcional a la Convención 
sobre Derechos del Niño, sobre la Venta de Niños, Prostitución Infantil 
y Pornografía Infantil".  That was done in years 2000 and 2001 (check 
data at the bottom of this message).

The specific peruvian laws are the law 28119 (December 2003) and its 
modifications issue on law 29139 (December 2007)

Internet is like life: more dangerous if you walk in the wild side.  If 
you are an adult that is fine.  If you are a minor then the 
responsability is of your parents, teachers or person in charge.  
Furthermore we have many laws about the responsability of the ones that 
administer the public media: the TV signals, the radio signals, all the 
wireless signals, and the use of public property: air, soil, money and 
other resources.

With this in mind, I can inform that in Peru this is the law:
a) If you set up an Internet Cafe, or you are responsible teacher or 
director or principal in a school, you must PROVIDE a method for 
"protecting" the children from what can be seen as "innapropiate" 
information (porno is the most known... but if you apology about 
terrorism in front of children, or you speak in favor of racism... then 
you are in deep waters).  The law applies too for the public 
institutions (like schools) that provide access to the Internet (article 1).

b) The filtering software MUST be installed on each computer (not in a 
proxy or any other intermediary device).  Article 2 ("El cumplimiento de 
esta obligacion se hace efectivo mediante la instalación, en todas las 
computadoras, de programas o software especiales de filtro y bloqueo...")

b) There are huge penalties for those that don't provide the method 
(filtering software).  The minimum is about 4 years in jail.

c) All the computers involved in this kind of infraction will be taken 
from its owners and send to the judge and he will assign new use for 
those equipments even BEFORE he finish the analysis of the whole issue, 
develop the trial and give a final decision.

d) All the people (owners, administrators) that is involved on the issue 
will get not only jail but economic penalties.

All the neccesary laws can be search in our legal official database, the 
daily newspaper that comes with all the peruvian laws issue on the 
previous day.  (then click on "search laws" and 
you put the name of the law that you are searching, or code, or any 
word.  The whole site is in spanish so your "101 Foreing language" will 
be big help.

At the end of this message, some of the more specific laws and norms 
that are in use.  They are in spanish too.

Best regards,

Javier Rodriguez
Lima, Peru


Modifican Ordenanza que establece prohiciones y sanciones al acceso a 
páginas pornográficas por menores de edad o al público en general a 
páginas web con contenido de pornografía infantil
Regulan acceso de menores de edad a páginas web de contenido 
pornográfico, pornografía infantil, violencia extrema y/o similares
Establecen prohibiciones y sanciones al acceso del público a páginas web 
sobre pornografía infantil y de menores de edad a páginas web de 
contenido pornográfico o que ofendan la moral y el pudor
Prohiben acceso a páginas web de contenido pornográfico u otras que 
ofendan la moral y el pudor, a menores de edad y de pornografía infantil 
al público en general
Ratifican Protocolos de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño 
relativos a la participación de niños en conflictos armados,venta de 
niños,prostitución infantil y utilización de niños en pornografía
Delegan facultades para suscribir el "Protocolo Opcional a la Convención 
sobre Derechos del Niño, sobre la Venta de Niños, Prostitución Infantil 
y Pornografía Infantil"

Martin Dengler wrote:
> On Thu, May 08, 2008 at 04:06:03PM -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:
>> [. . .] 
>> It is sufficient if we clearly obey the law, and don't seek
>> to go beyond it.
> Any lawyers around?  "go beyond" implies "interpret" -- the only
> safe course is to comply exactly and minimally, IMHO.
> Martin
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