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>  > It never hurts to be paranoid, but the educational priorities of our
> tool
> > and software development are not changing.  There are priorities that
> have
> > not been effectively set in that regard -- but your input there is part
> of
> > any decisions that are made.  Perhaps we could use an open working group
> to
> > review and set core activities that can guide the list of activities
> (and
> > specific versions) that is proposed for each release.
> Yes! Actually, we need an open working group on all OLPC policies. And
> I don't only mean development policies.

Right.  Well, we can start with a couple groups for 1. tagging and reviewing
core activities, and 2. reviewing policy organization/publication and the
style guidelines for creating and sharing policy suggestions.

We may also need open groups to more coherently address outreach, roadshows
and event representation, and general communication across the community.

It isn't only that the community has no input on many policies. It's
> that there is no reasonable way to find out what they are, or if there
> even is one on a point of interest and concern.

This is a slightly inaccurate set of statements : the community in principle
has a good deal of input on many policies; however, until they are
formulated in a coherent way, community members are unlikely to recognize
where and how they can effectively give input.

In rare cases there exist policies which the community has not found out
about -- usually because of an unfortunate time lag.  The other 95% of the
time, not being able to find out what a policy is indicates that one has not
been set down -- and that {{sofixit}} is a reasonable first-pass solution.
(Which is to say, proposing a policy in writing on the wiki and broadcasting
it for discussion is a good way to begin finding out what the policy
is/should be.)


> What people spend time discussing and worrying about has changed, and this
> can distract from addressing issues such as what the best activty
> presentation is for children and clasrooms in different settings -- one
> reason that recent discussions on the education.project list have been
> to see and take part in.

Also, for the first time I have gotten sustained editing activity on a
> Wiki page I created. Thanks to all who looked and wrote more.
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