An OLPC Development Model

Michael Stone michael at
Thu May 8 04:13:42 EDT 2008


It seems to me, upon a few hours' calm reflection that:

Bert - you leapt to some unfounded conclusions about the significance of
Dennis' work and he seems to have been hurt by the way you posed some of
your questions.

Scott - I don't need to bring the specter of drug abuse and mental
incompetency into an argument in order to tell someone that I strongly
disagree with them and that their position and demeanor are increasing
my frustration. 

Dennis - in search of a quick defense, you've attempted to give certain
critics exactly what they asked for - a Joyride with no activities - in
order to let them crack their teeth on the barren fruits of their own
uncompromising positions.

I would sleep more easily if I knew that the sting of the cutting words
previously exchanged in this thread was being soothed by the balm of a
short apology from all sides. Also, as a further step to make amends,
could each of you please decide to search for less combative ways to
express your frustration at revisiting old conflicts? (If I can be of
service to you in this matter or in resolving future disagreements,
please do not hesitate to contact me.)



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