An OLPC Development Model

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed May 7 15:46:45 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> Well, my trust in OLPC is being probed every other day. I take your
> word, and I trust a few other people there, but I also have to
> acknowledge that priorities at OLPC are changing. So much so that some
> of the people I trusted most are leaving.
> And it's certainly no coincidence that the list of activities in olpc3
> is what Kim wanted in ticket 6598. You certainly remember the
> discussions.
> We'll see. If this fear is unfunded, all the better.

have you even looked at the build.log  

you would see 

Parsing package install arguments
No package fonts-thai-ttf available.
No package olpc-library-core available.
No package olpc-library-common available.
No package olpc-licenses available.
No package squeak-vm available.
No package etoys available.
No package olpc-logos available.
No package olpc-hardware-manager available.
No package olpc-utils available.
No package libabiword available.
No package pyabiword available.
No package libabiword-plugins available.
No package GConf2-dbus available.
No package hulahop available.
Resolving Dependencies

this is not because we dont want these things only that i'm trying to get 
built up a environment that will at least boot and allow for testing.   the 
only reason ive not yet announced anything is because it doesnt boot let 
alone provide something that is useful for testing and moving forward.

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